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Our Value Is Second To None. For one low price of $7,995, you get access to compliance reviews, contract reviews, legal contracts, lease contracts, independent contractor agreements, sales and marketing training, operation forms and much more 365 days a year / 7 days a week / 24 Hours A Day. If you were to obtain these items seperately you would pay over $15,000 total. We are comitted to helping individuals just like you start a mobile ultrasound business without the high cost hassle.


Our consultancy and partners have over 15 years combined health care industry, sales & marketing, and business operations experience. Why start from scratch, when you can partner with our firm and avoid many common and often expensive mistakes. Our experience in the industry makes us stand out from the competition. Our company’s leadership is commited to sharing that exeperience with you so that you have a successful operation. Don’t go through the process alone, let us help you today!


Compliance is very important to us here at Our lease model contracts are federally compliant and we specifically outline the structure and Code Of Law ( Code of Federal Regulations ) that must be fulfilled in order to make the agreements compliant. We welcome, as should you, all of our clients to go over the agreements with their legal counsel to verify its compliance before entering into an agreement. These agreements are very costly to obtain from competent legal counsel. We take the burden off of you by sharing these agreements with you at a greatly reduced rate than what you would pay in the marketplace.

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