My Mobile Ultrasound Business Was Created As An Affordable Platform To Help Sonographers and Aspiring Business Owners Alike Start And Grow Their Very Own Mobile Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Business while staying in compliance with federal health care law.

We Break Our Curriculum Up Into 6 Components That Focus On Educating New Owners On The Various Aspects Of The Mobile Ultrasound Business As Well As Business Marketing And Sales Techniques.


1. Business Basics – Our Business Basics Section Goes Over The Basics Of Business Structure As It Relates To Properly Setting Up Your Ultrasound Business.
2. Legal Landscape – Legal Landscape Reviews Compliance and Issues That May Arise From Improperly Operating In The Market Place.


3. Marketing and Sales – Our Marketing & Sales Section Teaches Marketing & Sales From An Ultrasound Business Perspective. This section walks you through the sales process and helps you obtain your first customers.


4. Operations – Our Operations Section Reviews Common Operational Tools Used In The Market Place


5.Contract Review – Our Contract Review Section Reviews Our Compliance Letter and Important Aspects Of Our leasing Agreements!
6. Forms and Documents – We provide you with documents and templates for your ultrasound business. These documents allow you to focus on operations and gaining new clients.